Programs what we admit this year for

Admission procedure includes competition (one exam or combination of two). Language of admission and instruction is Russian if not specified.

Tuition fee must be paid every half-year in advance.

Only programs with vacancies for foreigners are listed here

Compatriots and citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan could apply for vacancies the same way as Russia citizens do.

Exams Number of vacancies Tuition fee
Master studies 04.04.01 Chemistry List of programs - 2 years - ECTS 120 Chemistry (written, in Russian) 10 462480 RUB per year
Master studies 04.04.01 Chemistry (in English) Programs «Project management in the field of decommissioning of nuclear facilities (including radioactive waste management)», "Radiopharmaceutical chemistry (including project management)"- 2 years - ECTS 120 Chemistry (written, in English) 10 545000 RUB per year
Bachelor studies 04.03.01 Chemistry - 4 years - ECTS 240 Oral (Colloquia) in Russian and in Chemistry 10 455990 RUB per year
Specialist studies 04.05.01 Fundamental and applied chemistry - 6 years - ECTS 360 Oral (Colloquia) in Russian and in Chemistry 3 454900 RUB per year

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